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Revolutionary Hands Free Door Opener

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New revolutionary UK Invention to Help Stop the Spread of Viruses in Shared Spaces

UK Entrepreneur designs simple to fit hands-free door handle to help reduce the spread of the Coronavirus in shared workspaces

It’s great news that a vaccine is on the horizon to protect against Coronavirus but, when we open up again after the latest lockdown, there will no doubt still be a place for new products designed to help stop the spread of the virus in shared workspaces, including on door handles where some viruses can live for several days.

Bristol based entrepreneur Jeff Cox, was inspired to design and manufacture revolutionary door opener – the ‘AV Arm Pull Door Handle’ here in the UK using antibacterial material in the plastic, to help reduce virus transmission on door handles.

Jeff, who owns and manages a shared office space in Bristol, as well as a design company, Euro Moulding 3D Solutions, said: “In the fight against spreading viruses from touching door handles in high traffic areas, and my frustration at the number of shared doors which can only be opened using your hands, I came up with the idea of the ‘AV Arm Pull Handle’ as a way of opening pull handle doors using just your arm.

“We invested in the specialist tooling to replicate our 3D printed prototype and added antimicrobial additives to the plastic used in the manufacturing process to improve its effectiveness against viruses.  We also subjected the product to rigorous stress testing to meet and exceed current standards.”

At the start of the pandemic Jeff’s company supplied complimentary face visors to the NHS.

The ‘AV Arm Pull Handle’ is easily installed in just a couple of minutes, making it ideal for use in a variety of settings including doors in offices, care homes, hospitals, schools, universities and hospitality settings.

This revolutionary door opener is also available to purchase in five other European countries and is compatible with most common types of pull handles with diameters of 19mm, 20mm, 21mm and 22mm.

Retailing at just £13.95 ex VAT with discounts available for larger orders, further information is available on the website

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