Euro moulding 3D solutions offers a wide range of manufacturing services

Design Services

3D CAD tool render

3D CAD modelling

Our wide range of services can support businesses to launch their new products from concept to creation quickly and cost effectively. Whether you are a individual without a product development experience or an organization with a design team, Euro Moulding 3D Solutions LTD is the perfect partner to transfer your ideas into reality.



We have wide range of design and engineering experiences that covers the product development from product planning to design, analysis and manufacturing; and have been involved in a vast range of industries, including: automotive, aerospace, medical and leisure sectors.

stress simulation


We are committed to the success of our partners whether you need just single CAD drawing or long term support for your design needs.

Vacuum Forming Services

vac form tray

We specialize in vacuum forming and have the ability to manufacture both small and large products as we have multiple machine sizes.

tray vac form

Products range from automotive, aerospace, medical and leisure sectors etc.

complex tray vacuum formed

Using a wide range of materials we find ourselves at the forefront of technology.

Injection Moulding Services

injection moulded tray

Advanced facilities & short lead times. Responsive service and comprehensive management and technical support. We have the ability to manufacture injection moulded products that vary from small components to a range of large technical packaging.

injection moulded tray red

Many years of experience within the manufacturing sector allow us to provide detailed feedback on products to help ensure excellent injection moulding results. We can adapt to supply in either low or high volumes, with the ability to use an extensive range of materials from recycled grades to engineering polymers.

Tray C

Colours can be achieved by addition of master batch colours or compounded to your exact specification. With machine capability of 1000 tonnes we are equipped to mould products up to 4.5kg in weight.

Tooling Design and Manufacturing


As well as providing first class vacuum formed, injection moulded products and rapid prototyped 3D printed parts, Euro Moulding 3D Solutions Limited has the ability to manufacture tools for production.

tool render

We can apply material contractions to tool designs to ensure the final product is right first time. We have the ability to modify tools to accommodate new/revised designs.

Tool render 2

Euro Moulding 3D Solutions Limited can manufacture tools that have removable parts for more complex vacuum formed and injection moulded designs.

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