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Prepare your business for the new stricter tiers

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Plus our top five safety measures

The new tiered system to replace lockdown is coming into force on 2nd December 2020 as the UK continues to combat the Covid-19 coronavirus.

The three tiers are likely to be in place until March 2021, causing hospitality, retailers, offices and attractions to readjust their safety measures during this critical phase of the pandemic.

Tier One will be the lowest, classed as ‘medium alert’ where pubs, bars and restaurants will reopen for seated table service and last orders at 10pm.

Personal services such as hairdressers, gyms and beauty salons will reopen.

Retail, entertainment and hotels & other accommodation can reopen.

However, even at this lowest tier it will be essential for employers to take measures to help protect staff, customers and visitors and to make offices, shops, hotels and other environments such as healthcare safer.

There is a difficult line to tread between focus on finances and meeting legal or value-based obligations to staff and other people with whom you interact.

Safety measures which are shown to reduce the spread of coronavirus (and other viruses and bacteria) from hands must be high on the list of must-dos as we enter this new phase.

Top five safety measures for all environments

  • Supply antibacterial gel at entrance and exit
  • Ensure toilet facilities are regularly cleaned
  • Provide a good supply of soap in the bathroom facilities
  • Purchase the handsfree AV Arm Pull Handle at just £13.95 ex VAT each to allow people to open pull handles with their arms rather than hands! 
  • Keep some windows open for a good supply of fresh air

Help protect your staff, customers and visitors.

Order your handles today at – they’re robust and easy to fit in minutes as well as being designed and made in the UK with antimicrobial properties.   A must-have when creating a Covid-secure setting!