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Norville Opticians takes extra care of customers

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Norville Opticians in High Street, Keynsham, Bristol has become the first opticians’ practice in the country to install one of the new hands-free arm pull handles from Euro Moulding 3D Solutions.

The Keynsham branch of Norville offers sight tests and a wide range of glasses and frames.

“The AV Arm Pull Handle is ideal for us – we are a busy high street practice operating a Covid-safe practice and our staff are now the only ones who touch the door,” practice manager Beth Bracey explains.

She adds, “We wear PPE aprons and gloves when interacting with customers and now we can open the door to admit customers for their appointments with our arms, adding an extra layer of safety to the process.”

The Norville Group of practices in the South West were acquired by the Hakim Group in summer 2020, bringing investment to the group and securing its future.

This month (December 2020) at the Hakim Awards, the Keynsham practice led by Beth won the ‘Best Newcomer’ award.

The AV Arm Pull Handle was fitted in a couple of minutes with an allen key, transforming the pull handle door into one that’s easily opened with an arm, adding a critical barrier of protection from transmission of viruses, bacteria and germs.