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Jeff Cox, the inventor behind the innovative hands free handle

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2020 was a year where Jeff Cox and many people needed to think differently about their personal lives and businesses.

Known for his design companies Euro Moulding 3D Solutions (design and manufacture of specialist plastic products) and Ryobe UK Ltd (specialist packaging for automotive and aerospace sectors), Jeff came up with the idea for an anti-Covid door handle aide as reports of the pandemic first started circulating during the first months of 2020.

During lockdown one he created prototype designs and tested six prototypes thoroughly in one of his own organisations, New World Business Centre in Bristol, with enhancements each time.

Patenting the product followed, taking several months; then selecting a UK manufacturer to create the tooling and finally the manufacturing runs.

The product, the AV Arm Pull Handle, was then launched during lockdown 2.

The handsfree handle is now in use in organisations throughout the UK, in internal corridors, toilets, and external doors in settings from opticians to care homes and offices.

Jeff explains, “As well as an inventor, I am a designer and problem solver at heart. I take a hands-on role in all the companies I founded as I recognise that design is a pivotal skill throughout business. I’m committed to delivering added value through innovative design, reliable delivery and great customer service.

“My latest project is The AV Arm Pull Handle. This enables doors to be pulled open without touching the handle, so companies and venues can show staff and visitors that they take health and facility access seriously.”

Purchase the AV Arm Pull Handle, the hands free door opener that protects against viruses and bacteria for £13.95 ex VAT from